11 Horses celebrates the beauty and grandeur of the Australian Thoroughbred.

My photographs document the social hierarchy, poetry and natural rhythms of 11 Australian Thoroughbreds.

In their racing careers, these 11 Horses are athletes whose lives are directed by strappers, jockeys, trainers and owners. They have a calendar and schedule determined by human regiment and racing culture. Back at the farm, they fall into line according to an equine social order that affects when they eat, where they sleep and how they spend their days. It is this culture of the herd that I capture in my photographs. 

The 11 Horses in my collection are race horses who are returning from a season at the track for a spell or are recuperating from an injury or illness.  Also captured are colts and fillies born from racing lines whose careers have not yet begun and the broodmares who carry the hopes and dreams of tomorrow’s runners.

The collection was captured at my family spelling and agistment farm in the Lower Hunter Valley, Watagan Grange. 


image1 (4).JPG

There is a limited edition of 11 copies of each photograph.

 The photographs are printed on premium grade paper, personally signed and wrapped in acid free paper. I also include the personal stories of each of horse upon delivery. 

I offer a framing and gift wrapping service and personally deliver framed photographs to clients within Sydney. 

If you would like information on the collection or my family farm please contact me at info@11horses.com